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constellations to some light house in the sea

all of the city black out no doubt

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flo. twenty. slytherin. college senior. forensic psychology. musical theatre.
the starbuck to my viper. the simon to my river. the snow white to my red riding hood.
the pip to my giselle. the ron to my harry. the doctor to my donna. the uranus to my jupiter.
the zoe to my mal. the rizzoli to my isles. the quill to my ink. the khaleesi to my dragon.
the olive to my chuck. the lily to my robin. the galinda to my elphaba. the mal to my kaylee.
the beckett to my coffee. the aang to my zuko. the butter to my penguin. the spoon to my nutella.
the o'brien to my thomas. the dc to my baltimore. the korra to my asami. the buffy to my willow.
the cookie to my chocolate chip. the michelle to my sasha. the snow white to my prince charming.
the nessarose to my elphaba. the monroe to my nick. the black widow to my hawkeye.
the ruby slippers to my wicked witch. the hat to my cat. you?

friending -- selectively friending -- not friending

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